The DeFi space is booming, yet there’s a significant number of financial geniuses of traditional systems locked out of the space. The primary reason is the lack of technical skills required to create their own financial tools on blockchain and operate them. This is where Dfinance comes in.

Dfinance is an entirely decentralized layer-2 network bringing the infrastructure required to build innovative financial instruments and DeFi tools with no prior technical skills. A new project by WINGS Stiftung Foundation, developer of the WINGS DAO protocol, it intends to enrich the way a DeFi ecosystem functions.


The four co-founders of the…

DeFi yield farming has become overwhelmingly popular in the blockchain space with investors chasing after projects with high returns. Developers and finance experts on the other hand have responded by continuously launching new projects to meet the rising demand. Still the market feels underserved with the total value of funds locked in DeFi projects standing at $7.81 billion according to DeFiPulse. This is only a small fraction of the entire crypto market capitalization that is in the excess of $200 billion.

There is a lot of desire from crypto developers and finance industry experts to boost the capacity of DeFi…

Making and managing financial investments can be quite challenging for a lot of people. It requires some degree of financial knowledge and technical expertise about the market for one to make any substantial gains. And this is in the mainstream financial market. In the crypto market, these challenges are amplified and even grow even further in the emergent DeFi sector, which has been labeled as the Wild West of financial markets.

DeFi sector is currently chaotic for both developers and investors

The DeFi space does not play by the normal rules but rather is tearing up the old rule book…

One of the biggest obstacles for people with a great idea, when it comes to entering the space of decentralized finance (DeFi), is the lack of technical knowledge. Decentralized ledgers are a relatively recent addition to the technological world, and finding a reliable developer is both difficult and costly, as many of them are already working with a steady project. But if this obstacle were removed, or at least mitigated, the space would have the opportunity to flourish and entice a number of participants who would otherwise not spare a second thought for such an idea.

Why Is DeFi Rapidly…

Dfinance is a purely decentralized layer-2 network offering the infrastructure to create various financial instruments and DeFi tools with no technical skills required. It is a new project by Wings Stiftung Foundation who developed the WINGS DAO protocol — a decentralized forecasting platform for handling due diligence and price discovery. The team has since moved on from DAO to the Dfinance ecosystem.

The Need for the Project

The Dfinance team identified two disconnected worlds — traditional finance and DeFi. One is with vast financial knowledge yet very minimal or almost zero technical skill to show their creativity. …

The Decentralised Finance (DeFi) sector has exploded over the past few months with new projects getting launched on almost a daily basis. This sudden surge is by no means a case of ‘overnight success’. Rather, it is the result of constant development, innovation and resilience from the crypto community. The work looks set to continue with several players still focused on creating novel tools and solutions needed to overhaul the current financial system.

There have been notable developments in DeFi enabling easy provision of financial services such as loans and derivatives in a completely decentralised manner. Such accomplishments are manifestation…

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